Say Hello to Movim !

Simple, smart, beautiful. Discover the brand new interface.

Two columns for your streams,
one for your contacts, nothing less, nothing more.

Stay informed

All new information is now centralized in a single stream which resumes those of your contacts.

The publications are updated in real-time to keep you informed instantly.

Movim now includes the Group feature which allows you to publish posts in public nodes and share your passions with other members.


Stay connected ! The contact list is now on the right and will follow you all along your navigation.

Click on the bubble to start a conversation with online friends.

Because privacy matters

Now you can easily know the privacy settings of your data with the privacy flags

Virtual messages are, for us, like real ones : private.


Because Movim's network is decentralized you are free to create your account wherever you want. You can also build-up a new Movim pod and host your data at home.


Movim is a tool which manages the communications between you and your contacts. We don't make money with that, like other social networks ! The respect of our users and their data are our main goal.

Easy to install


The installation archive weights around 1 Mb so it can fit on a floppy disk.

In the Movim package, you will find everything to create easily your server (also known as Pod) and connect it to the network (or your own XMPP server).

Download Movim

Recommended configuration

The Movim installation has never been easier. Movim can also be installed on tiny computers like an EeePc.

800 Mhz processor

10 Mb of disk space

256 Mb of memory

Install Movim

Give us a hand!

As Movim is no commercial project, all people working for it are volunteers which spend a huge amount of time and passion to improve it.

If you found something that Movim still lacks, you could try to add it yourself.

It is really easy. The source code is very well structured and easy to hack. We use PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and JSON.

Around the globe

Even if you cannot improve the code, new ideas in the mailing list and in the chatroom are always welcome. You could also improve our wiki, report bugs and write translations.

Translation platform