When social network meets IM,
you can expect some surprises…

Brammer Comet by ESO under CC BY 4.0

Meet Movim. The Kick Ass Social Network.

Simple, light and respectful. Discover the social network as it should be.

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The Netherlands


Our core goals

Open Source

Movim's source code is completely open allowing anyone to study how it works to improve it, share it and redistribute it freely.
Visit our Github


Movim is based on a fully decentralized and standard network. You can create your own account on the server of your choice.

Fully Standard

Our main motto? Don't reinvent the wheel. Since the beginning all the Movim communications are made using XMPP.
Know more about XMPP

Chatting, sharing… and much more

Let's discover our main features

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You can easily run Movim from any modern web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
We also offer some native apps for your mobile devices and desktop.

Get it on your devices


For Windows 7 or above
Movim Desktop Installer


Get our Android app on
Play Store


Application for your Mac
Movim Desktop Installer

Debian & RedHat

For the Debian family
APT Repository
.deb package
For the RedHat family
.rpm package

Chat & Chatrooms

Chatting has never been easier

IMG_1505 by AFS-USA under CC BY 2.0

Start a conversation with a friend
or join a multi-user chatroom in one click.

Movim is fully compatible with many chat clients on all the common devices.
No matter what your contacts are using, you will always be able to chat with them.

In one click,
insert pictures and documents
in your conversations.

Keep your conversations synchronised between all your devices, in real-time.

If you were offline for a while,
Movim automatically refreshes your conversations history.

Oops, you made a mistake?
Correct your previous message easily.

Want to send funny stickers?
Share some with your friends in one click!

Did they get your message?
Movim tells you if
it has been delivered and read.

News & Communities

Share, format and publish

by r. nial bradshaw
under CC BY 2.0


Movim really simplifies the management of your news and your publications.
So forget the ads, forget the superfluous.
We designed an interface that really focuses on your content.


Movim also includes a new feature called Communities
It allows you to publish and subscribe to various nodes on different topics.
Just click on the Communities link in your menu and start exploring!


You have something to share?
In a few clicks you will be able to create a new post for your contacts,
from any device, at any time.

Movim automatically embeds your links and images in your posts.

Like and comment the posts
of your contacts or from your Communities.


Tag your publications
and explore the others easily.

Want to start a blog?
In one click you'll be able
to make your posts fully public.

Movim supports the Markdown syntax
and allows you to put rich text content
in your publications.

And don't forget, every publication is shared in real-time.

Search, organize, administrate…

Smart features for an incredible experience

Cradle of Stars by Scott Cresswell under CC BY 2.0

Find posts and contacts instantly
with our global search feature
…or by pressing Ctrl + M!

Be notified about
likes and comments added to your publications.

Invite your contacts
in your chatrooms in one click.

A kickass client
on top of standard protocol.
Movim is your XMPP server best friend.

Manage and administrate
your Communities and Chatrooms

Designed to empower communities
Movim is perfect to handle all the communications of your team, association or classroom

It's time to see more…

Introducting Movim HelloBeta

Discover by Unsplash under CC0

Call anyone that is using Movim…
or another compatible client

Nothing to install
nothing to configure

Using the best video-conferencing
technologies available

Coming soon…

Movim, a platform for everyone

Like you, and you, and you…

Toulouse Gay Pride 2012 by Pierre-Selim under CC BY-SA 2.0
Easy to use, light and secure
Movim is the best tool to share with your community

Movim is already translated in more than 20 languages!
Want to help us?
Translate Movim

You want to stay anonymous?
You don't have to provide any personal information to join.

If you want to setup your own server.
We provide everything to help you
launch your own Movim pod.
Install your Movim Server